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Lahontan cutthroat trout

Lahontan cutthroat trout

Brad Hole with Kayak Fishing Washington recently spent a couple of days fishing east of the mountains, and with good success.

“My buddy and I hit Omak Lake on the first day and the weather was perfect,” Hole said. “I managed to land 27 Lahontan Cutthroat trolling from my kayak.”

Hole says the fish were in fairly shallow water (10-25 feet) spawning.

“It’s (catch and release), still one of the best fisheries for big trout in the state that most overlook,” Hole reported. (Here’s some video footage of Catching Lahontan Trout)

On the second day the pair of anglers ventured to Rufus Woods above the Chief Joseph Dam.

“We packed it up after several hours of fishing without a bite,” Hole said. “We started heading back but decided to hit Fish Lake just before sunset. The wind was blowing 20mph, but we still had two hours to fish. We landed several stocker sized rainbows. I managed to pull in a 4 pound fish trolling a small Needlefish spoon just after the sunset.”

Great job Brad!