In Just Fishin

With a good weather forecast east of the mountains, my buddy Brian and I headed east to fish Omak Lake for trophy Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

A trip to Omak Lake should be on every fisherman’s bucket list. Omak is one of the two lakes in Washington State where these unique fish reside. In fact, there’s very few fish that can survive in the lake’s high alkali water.
Omak Lake is run by the Colville Indian Tribe, so non tribal fishermen must obtain a tribal fishing license in order to fish the lake. The mere $8 per day / $40 per year is as Dave Graybill puts it “Like having a pass to your own private country club”. That’s right, there have been times I’ve spent an entire day on the water and have not seen a sole fishing. Surprising, as it’s not uncommon for us to land 25-35 fish per day on this lake.
Fishing for Lahontans from a kayak is a fun experience. In the springtime many of these fish are in shallower water spawning, so it can be easier to target them than pulling a downrigger down deep. Our go to presentation uses lead core line to get our lures down deep enough and in front of these fish to trigger a strike. We have caught fish on a wide variety of spoons, Rapalas, flies – you name it. The regulations require a single barbless hook and no bait. That didn’t stop Brian from landing a monster 28″ fish last week which is the largest fish I’ve witness in my time fishing Omak Lake.

If you’re interested in a guided kayak fishing trip to Omak Lake, drop us a line.