In Just Fishin

Potholes Walleye

With a decent weather outlook for the Potholes, we headed east again to see if we could land a trophy walleye. No such luck. We managed to catch a fair amount of fish but all seemed to be that slot size of 16 to 21″. Lots of small walleye chipped away at our worms and the occasional perch. Most of the fish caught in 8 to 24 feet of water trolling bottom walkers and worm harness spinners. More smallmouth excitement with Brad landing a 19.5 smalley and Todd crushing it with a 22″ smallmouth! We let them go to see another day.


This trip we stayed at Mardon Resort in one of their “Camping Cabins”. A roof over our head, beds, a fridge and outside running water were all we needed for the three day stay. Not too many folks there this time of year. A few walleye fishermen and a few dock fisherman at Mardon that were pulling in some lunker crappy. We did talk to a tournament walleye angler that showed us some photos of 30+ inch walleye he had landed that evening. He taught us a few things about filleting walleye; including removing the boney strip (actually a sensory organ) easily from the fish by splitting the fillet at the tail and “zippering” the fish. He also encouraged us to grill the collars of the walleye – called Walleye Wings. A fun trip for sure. And fun on site online-casino österreich.