Guided Trip Rates

Guided Kayak Fishing Seattle-area waters (ie: Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish).

Not Currently Guiding for the 2020 Season

Contact us about pricing on destination trips around Washington State.

What’s Included

  • Hobie MirageDrive Pedal Propelled Kayak
  • Rods & reels
  • Tackle
  • Accessories (rod holders, net, etc)
  • PFD/Life Jacket
  • Dry Suit

What to bring

  • Protective eye wear (polarized glasses recommended)
  • Jacket
  • Hat, sun screen or buff
  • Drinking water, snacks, lunch
  • Positive attitude

Brad with cutthroatWhy book a trip with KFW?

You will find that KFW offers reasonable rates when compared to guides using power boats within Washington State.  This isn’t a charter where you sit back and wait for someone to hook the fish and hand you the rod.  What we offer is a truly unique experience on the water that puts you and your personal watercraft in direct contact with the fish.  We are a licensed and insured kayak fishing guide service in Washington State.  We are trained in advance CPR & First Aid.

What’s unique about Kayak Fishing Washington?

The kayaks we use are Hobie Pro Angler and Outback kayaks that use proprietary pedal power (no paddling) making your hands free to fish. Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks are the most comfortable and most stable personal watercraft you’ll find, making your day on the water much more enjoyable. Rod holders and accessories by RAM Mounts.  We use top of the line rods and reels that really allow you to play your fish to the net.  Each kayak is fully rigged with a color fish finder.  You’ll be able to see fish, schools of bait along with knowing the depth and bottom structure.

What types of fish will we be targeting?

Depending on the time of year we will be targeting cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and largemouth and smallmouth bass (spring/summer).  Other bi-catch can be salmon, pikeminnow, peamouth chub, yellow perch and rock bass.

What does a typical fishing day on the water look like?

We will pick a meeting spot on the lake where we can unload the kayaks and gear.  I like to take a few minutes to go over the basics of the Hobie Kayaks and .  We’ll get you fitted into a PFD / life jacket and dry suit.


Because fish don’t always congregate in one specific location, we like to target fish via Trolling. Trolling gives us the ability to cover more area and find where the fish are in the water column using our fish finders.  Instead of down riggers, we find lead core (weighted) line works best for getting the lure down to where the fish are. This technique works great for trout in various depths, as well as, working the weed line for bass and perch.

We will also have spinning reels on board for casting jerk baits, weedless worms, or fishing bait off the bottom.

What are some Advantages of Kayak Fishing?

Cost of ownership of a kayak (even at the high end) is far less than owning a power boat.  Insurance, Registration, Fuel, Mechanical Repairs, Storage/Moorage, and Transport are all valid reasons to kayak. In a kayak, you are in “stealth mode”.  Fish can be sensitive to loud trolling motors and vibration.  Take away the additional noise and vibration and you are more in touch with your surroundings.  Hear and see fish or bait breaking the surface.  The ability to get into tighter or shallower areas to fish. Also, the ability fish many lakes and waterways that restrict combustible motors.

What KFW delivers to our clients…

We work hard to deliver the best kayak fishing experience for the beginner or someone interested in the growing sport of kayak fishing.  We have spent thousands of hours on the water targeting fishing but even we have our days when the fish won’t cooperate.  A day on the water with us will save you countless hours of your time figuring out how to target fish from a kayak.